Handcraft Your Next Vacation To Europe’s Most Beautiful Villages With Eastern Travels.

Handcraft Your Next Vacation To Europe’s Most Beautiful Villages With Eastern Travels.

Handcraft Your Next Vacation To Europe’s Most Beautiful Villages With Eastern Travels.
Europe has a lot of different travel experiences to offer for both long and short holidays. The history, culture, natural beauty, delicious cuisine, amazing nightlife, quaint villages and countless wonders and sights are reasons enough to plan your next vacation to Europe.
To experience the essence of Europe, you can plan a short stay at one of the postcard perfect villages scattered throughout the continent. Quiet canals, cobblestone lanes and bustling alleys will take you back in time where the clock stops and each moment is dreamy and feels like part of a fairytale.

For a unique and wondrous travel experience in Europe, we have put together a list of its most beautiful villages you can include in your next European adventure.

1. Folegandros, Greece –
Folegandros, in the south west of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, is a charming and sunny Greek island known for its deserted beaches, traditional white washed buildings with colorful flowers and churches with bright blue domes. You can visit the beaches, eat delicious authentic Greek cuisine and go hiking. It is the most popular destination to choose for a relaxing holiday with stunning scenery all around you.
Folegandros can be reached only by ferry. There are regular ferries from Santorini, Piraeus and Rafina. There is a local bus service available for transport within Folegandros. You can also hire a car or scooter.

2. Tellaro, Italy –
Tellaro, a charming fishing village on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Poets, in northern Italy, is often referred to as one of the loveliest villages in Italy. You can explore the maze of narrow lanes and passages with brightly painted houses, small shady squares and the small attractive piazza with colorful boats. You can also visit the churches, explore different hiking trails, swim, walk along the coastline and enjoy delicious food at several outstanding restaurants.
Tellaro is very easily accessible by road from Lerici and La Spezia. You can arrive by car or use one of the many excellent public transport links to Tellaro. The closest airports to Tellaro are Pisa Gallileo and Genova Cristofero Colombo.

3. Colmar, France –
Colmar, the Alsation wine capital, in northeastern France, near Germany’s border, is a well preserved village with its half timbered houses, cobblestoned lanes, and bridge-laced quiet canals. Explore this storybook village of medieval times by strolling through the lanes and visiting the flower decked town center. You can also visit the magnificent churches and museums, tour the regions vineyards and eat delicious food and desserts at the many cafes and restaurants.
You can either hire a car or take the direct train to Colmar from Basel or Strasbourg. Regular bus service is available for transport within Colmar.

4. Hallstat, Austria –
On the western border of Lake Hallstat, between lush mountains and a pristine lake, Hallstat, is a striking salt village in central Austria. To get an insight into the history of Hallstat, you can visit the Cultural Heritage Museum and the Bone House. You can also explore the region by visiting the fascinating salt caves and ice caves and going for boat rides and hikes. Hallstat is a dream destination with its pastel hued houses, shimmering lake and towering mountains where time stands still.
You can take a bus or train from Salzburg or Vienna to the Hallstat Railway Station and then a ferry to reach Hallstat. You can walk from one end to the other end of the village in about half an hour. Hallstat is a car free village between May and October.

5. Telč, Czech Republic –
Telč, in southern Moravia, is a small village in Czech Republic with the most beautiful squares in Europe. A perfect example of Italian Renaissance north of the Alps, Telč’s main square is surrounded by townhouses, each with its own uniquely decorated facades of similar sizes and an assortment of cafes and restaurants. You can go for hikes or boat rides and explore this beautiful region. It is the perfect holiday destination to relax and unwind.
Direct buses to Telč are available from Prague, Brno and České Budějovice every day. Being a small region you can easily walk around or hire a cycle for travel in Telč.

6. Cong, Ireland –
Cong, on the border of County Mayo and County Galway, is a picturesque village surrounded by lakes, streams and forests. You can stroll through the village and explore the regions green meadows dotted with grazing sheep, numerous stone bridges, the ruined medieval abbey, museums and the Ashford Castle – a beautiful Victorian estate that has been converted into one of Ireland’s finest 5 star hotel. You can also go fishing and take a boat ride in the surrounding lakes.
You can hire a car or take the bus or train to Cong from Dublin and Galway. A local bus service is available for transport within Cong.

7. Bibury, England –
Bibury, a quaint hilly Cotswold village in southwestern England, has hardly changed since the 18th century. It is the most beautiful village of England and also one of the most beautiful villages in the world. Arlington Row has a postcard perfect setting along the River Coln with its ancient stone cottages with steeped roofs that are clad with ivy and flowers. The Bibury Trout Farm and the beautiful Church of St.Mary are the other attractions you can visit. You can also soak up the sun by the river bank; have a meal at a classic Cotswold pub and walk or cycle to explore the woodlands and meadows.
You can take a train to the nearest railway station – Kremble and then a cab to Bibury or travel by regular bus service that is available from Cirencester to Bibury. The nearest airports are Bristol Airport and Cotswold Airport at Kremble.

8. Reine, Norway –
Reine, on the northern coast of Norway and above the Arctic Circle, is a tiny fishing village. Dramatic cliffs, towering mountains, sapphire hued bays, lush meadows and bright red and white fishermen’s houses dotting the shoreline make Reine one of the most beautiful villages in the world. It is a quiet charming village that has a range of activities like fishing, kayaking, whale watching, bird spotting, biking and hiking that will keep you entertained.
The closest airport is Narvik via Oslo, from where Reine can be easily reached by buses and ferries. In Reine, you can hire a car or cycle or use the available bus service.

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